Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Miles of The Superdrome

Yes, you are reading correctly. This is a non-racing event; it is a fund raiser for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. We propose to ride 100 miles (644 laps) at The Superdrome, and we would like to invite anyone else that is track certified to attend!

The idea was influenced by and the 100 Miles of Nowhere that has been proposed as a means of raising money for the LAF. We would like to encourage you to sign up through because this will benefit his fund raising efforts for the LiveStrong Challenge. His proposed event date is May 23rd, but that is Texas State Crit Champ weekend so we're riding May 30th.

We only found out about the plan today (4/29) and sign-up through his website is only open through 5pm April 30th... We know this is insanely short notice, but if you sign up now you can get a bunch of cool swag through his promotion (there is another option).
Check it out: 100 Miles of Nowhere
A cool t-shirt, some water bottles, chamois cream, etc is part of his bundle package.
Sign up is $75 with $50 going straight to the LAF and $25 will help pay for the swag bag.

We do not want to discourage anyone from signing up and participating so we have contacted and will work with him to donate all donations to the LAF. Getting an extension on his swag offer is not possible (deadlines for t-shirt production) so we will offer another means of signing up (donating money) and we are also seeking alternative swag options. More details and a proposed donation amount to come.

Here is what we know:
- Ride location: The Superdrome
- Event Date: May 30th
- Start time: TBD
- The initial idea is courtesy of, we are simply expanding on it
- This is a Fund Raising event and donations are required for participation
- Even if you don't think you can make it 100 miles at The Superdrome, we could surely use some pulls! Please come out and show your support by lending a wheel to suck at a friendly pace
- We are proposing a sane pace, 18 MPH, that will allow anyone to sit in the line, take some pulls and ride 644 laps in a reasonable amount of time
- You are responsible for tracking your own laps/miles (Garmin, cycle computer, etc)
- There are no prizes, awards or officials
- You must be certified to ride at The Superdrome. If enough interest exists from folks who are not certified, we'll propose a development class to SMG for mid-May

If you need additional information or would like to participate please contact me or Will Swetnam so we know what to expect... gresam(at)gmail(dot)com and/or will(at)willshootphotos(dot)com

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