Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Betty Left in Stitches

6:16 PM 09/08/08 - Betty had an accident while riding at White Rock last night. She slid on a very tricky corner when the road was just starting to get wet and sliced her head open, just below the eyebrow. It was a blood everywhere kind of thing.

6:18 PM - Betty called, "Where are you? I just went down. I'm bleeding a lot from my head."

6:20 PM - She went to a house and the homeowner, Brock, helped her out while I drove down there. He’s a RN at Parkland and took great care of her until I was able to get there.

7:22 PM - I picked up Betty and took her to a small hospital by the lake. It was looking like a very long wait and her Scooby was parked at the lake. Not wanting to have the car broken into...

7:30 PM - I drove back home and picked up Will.

7:50 PM - Having discussed Lance's imminent return to pro racing, we continued our drive back to White Rock Lake.

8:40 PM - Betty is moved to a bed in the hallway of the ER.

8:41 PM - Will and I arrive at WRL.

8:42 PM - Will adjust the seat so he can fit all 6 feet of himself into Betty's car.

8:42.30 PM - Will continues adjusting the seat so he can fit in Betty's car.

8:43 PM - Will takes the Scooby back to our place.

9:04 PM - Betty is moved out of the hall and into a room of her own.

11:43 PM - Doctor puts 12 stitches in it.

01:10 AM 09/09/08 - We arrive home

01:30 AM - Finally get in bed after a bowl of cereal and some medication.

05:00 AM - Alarm goes off to wake Betty for work.

05:07 AM - Betty gets up to go to work this morning. Aside from being exhausted and sporting a black eye she’s going to be fine.

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Man...that sucks...


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