Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sella Italia SLR TLD

Parts continue to trickle in for the new Ridley build that should take place this weekend. The latest addition to my arsenal of parts is this beauty. A Sella Italia SLR TLD (Troy Lee Design) saddle.

I have been using Sella Italia saddles ever since I first built up my Pinarello, some 8 years ago. I remember being quite torn while shopping at Gregg's Greenlake Cycle because they had some incredible looking "pro design" saddles for Marco Pantani and a few other riders. Looking back, I should have picked up one of those, but I opted instead for a Sella Italia Flite Genuine Gel, a saddle I am still using today.

Next on the list was only a year and a half ago when I picked up another Sella Italia Flite Genuine Gel as a replacement for my Pinarello saddle. This one has Pinarello branding on it and was on sale. I picked it up after slamming the Pinarello into the roof of my garage and, luckily, damaging only the saddle. Of course, I'm back to riding the same tweaked saddle with no ill effects!

Next up was a Sella SLR for the Brass Knuckle. I've been very happy with it and find that it is a little more slippery and allows me to move freely while I'm railing around the Superdrome. I can scoot forward on the nose for some excessive spinning, or slide back a little and glue the rear wheel to the boards.

This latest addition to my collection of saddles looks fantastic and will bring a lot of excellent personality to the bike!

Part 4: Build Kit

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