Friday, August 15, 2008

Progress: Build Kit Arrives

This afternoon started off very well when I arrived home to find a FedEx slip on my door. Despite my intense hunger, a trip to the apartment office was in order. My parts had arrived from Tom at GVH Bikes and the build was soon to begin! I have already installed the Mavic SSC brake calipers and have an Easton EA90 stem.

I started with what seemed like the most fun, so I installed the seat post and saddle. They're simple, and I was anxious to see Spider Butt on the frame. Thankfully, it looks awesome.
Along with the FSA seat post was a packet of red grease. The packaging claimed to reduce the bolt tightening torque by 30%, so it must be an adhesive of some sort.

I decided to slap on the cranks and bars next. Mostly because I enjoy referring to "my carbon fiber crank" while conversing with non-cyclists. I used more of the red FSA "grease" on the Easton EC90 bars. we'll see what happens.

Next up are the Campagnolo Centaur dérailleurs. The front was installing a little funny, but the rear went on easy enough so I took a picture of it for being so cooperative. The front is fine, it was just more anry to align and set the height. I also popped the Bontrager XXX Lite Carbon Tubular front wheel in place... the stickers look good with the paint scheme, but my customizing mind wants to do something more creative...

Here's the stopping point for the evening. It is coming along nicely but I was short on time and didn't want to get into the cable housing until the morning when I can enlist some help.

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