Thursday, August 10, 2006

Broker Tile Emails

My manager came to me with an idea to boost business from Business Brokers regarding our online products. Why not send out an email to new and existing brokers that would inform them of a new product and generate some phone activity that we could turn into some revenue. A simple enough idea, but he needed some text crafting.

The emails would be sent to 444 brokers around the United States, leads generated from an existing customer base as well as "scraped" from website listings.

Schedule for distributiuon:
Email #1 - Thursday, August 3rd
Email #2 - Tuesday, August 8th
Email #3 - Thursday, August 10th

Following are the three emails that were written for that purpose. I planned and wrote the three emails to be very specific in purpose:

Email #1: Vague. Did not expect any response to this one, but wanted to generate some curiosity.
Email #2: More detail, paragraph format. Results oriented.
Email #3: Provide the most detail, with examples, about the new product

The program we are using the send the emails,, allows us to see how many of the Brokers have opened each email, as well as how many times they have read it. While this seems a little Big Brother to some, it is invaluable to us as we have determined that only about 220 Brokers have actually read the first message. To that effect, we know that our email has either hit Spam filters, or been ignored and deleted. Even more interesting, is the data suggesting that some Brokers have viewed the email as many as 15 times since receiving it 4 days ago.


Email #1: 12 emails or calls within the first 4 days
Email #2: 5 emails or calls in first two days
Email #3:



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