Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My Muse.

We’ve been together for about three weeks, and so far everything is great. As with any new relationship there is that intense excitement of getting to know someone new, the adventurous feeling of discovering all the little idiosyncrasies and traits that makes a new relationship so special. Of course it wasn’t this easy at first, but when you know…

I had known about her for some time, had heard all kinds of great things from friends and was nearly convinced that she was the right one for me. I just hadn’t made the plunge yet. There were still so many decisions to be made, things to be considered and unknowns to be answered that I was trepidations about making a move. Strange as it may sound, one of my very first concerns was not whether I could afford to take care of her, but how I would go about mounting her. Everyone said it was easy, even if it is your first time. Just get the right tools and do a little research online; everything will go over just fine.

“Relax”, they told me, “just ease into it real slow and call us if you need help.”

They were right. I nailed it the first time around and even managed to do it in the car and in my apartment on the same evening so we’d never have to feel like we were apart. At first I wanted to be real creative in how we did it, but in the end I stuck to traditional methods and I’m glad I did. The complications arising from being overly creative can be detrimental if it doesn’t go as planned. The last thing I needed was to be calling a friend for help right in the middle of it all, balancing her in a precarious position or finding myself all tied up in knots with no one to come over and help!

Now we’re inseparable and I couldn’t be happier. There’s an endless variety to our relationship that just won’t wear out. Morning, afternoon and evening we find ways to stay entertained and never seem to tire of each other’s company. Heck, when we’re in the car cruising down the road she just plays and plays, I can’t get enough. If I get tired or my attitude changes we don’t fight or argue, its simple to make a little change and she always does exactly what I ask her to do without hesitation. The only time I get unhappy is when we pull into the garage at home. She gets fussy and we have to be in the apartment before she’s ready to play again, but I don’t mind. Sacrifices need to be made and you can’t expect her to be that easy everywhere, now can you?

I spend a lot of time telling my friends how great she is to me and how it seems like she is never turned off. We wake up and fall asleep together everyday, and I only wish I could take her to work with me, but I suppose I can’t have it all. If I could I’d hide her under my desk and let her play all day long, but I suppose I would never get any work done in that case, and then I’d get fired because everyone would be so jealous of what I was getting at work! Maybe some day I’ll have my own business where I can do anything I want, and we’ll just play all day long. I’m sure customers wouldn’t mind, and they might even enjoy it if they are open minded and ready for new experiences, right?

Oh yeah, me and my baby get along great. Everyone should give XM Satellite Radio a try, you won't be disappointed.


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