Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Welcome to my archive

I put this blog together as a means of making my writing samples available to potential employers and creative types who could provide me with feedback regarding my writing style. While the majority of my writing revolves around my first passion in life, motorsports, I am also looking to expand beyond that subject and cover a variety of topics that catch my eye.

I am working to make any of these three projects happen:
1) Cover Rockwall Honda's maiden effort in the AMA Formula Xtreme series. Riders Ty Howard and Ryan Andrews are both local CMRA racers and getting inside the team to cover their efforts, as opposed to standard race coverage, is exciting to me. I would like to do a series of articles profiling the team from different angles. This would maximize my writing and allow me to provide the team with a lot of additional exposure in publications. From a marketing standpoint, it would be free PR for them.

Status: I've been in contact with Ty Howard and he seems quite interested, but with the Daytona 200 coming up the team has been busy preparing the race bikes.
(03/07): I just saw an article on the RoadRacerX website about exactly this... it was an interview with the team manager concerning their involvement in FX... someone beat me to the punch?

2) Travel to the 24H of Le Mans (motorcycle) to cover the event as a volunteer mechanic, floor sweeper or oil dumper. Having raced endurance in the US it is intriguing to see the series growing in Europe and I would love the opportunity to go and be on the inside of a team for the entire weekend. I want to pull my own weight, experience the event first hand and create a piece that can boost credibility of the series, the team in question and paint a picture of the challenges faced by a team in the event.

Status: I've been in touch with two teams, one from England and the other from Belgium, that are showing interest in helping me. I am excited about the prospects with either of the two teams and hope to get the details worked out soon.
(03/08): Just spoke with Russell Benney at PhaseOne. They are happy to have me in the pit as an observer, but I won't be able to do any work on the bike as they have a full team and require 9 days of shop work prior to working the pit.
(03/09): Spoke with Hans, I'm going to Assen and Le Mans with the Belgians! Tickets, passport and travel plans in hand.

3) Get in contact with Will Gruy and talk to him about racing in Europe, what lies ahead and where he thinks he is going with racing. Motivations, trials, fears about going to Europe? Get inside him and get him some exposure in magazines to help his career.
Status: I've been in touch with Will via email and should be able to get him on the phone sometime in the next two weeks. He is living in Rome but is coming back to the US for the Daytona 200.
(03/07): RoadRacerX is interested in this interview for their website. It won't pay, but it is a foot in the door.


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