Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hell Week Day 1 - Going to Camp (Verde)

Distance: 93 miles
Time: 5:01:01
Speed: 18.8 mph

Today was the opening day of Texas Hell Week 2010. We had beautiful weather, great roads, excellent company and a very good day on the road. You can find map and route data at Garmin Connect.

I felt great today and had an excellent ride. This morning I met up with Tom, Allen, Dave and Gary at the EconoLodge and then headed over to the Sunset Inn for the official start. We rolled everyone out as a single group and then split the ride later on depending on what route folks wanted to travel.

Today's A Route headed south to Camp Verde and Center Point with rollers on the way down and some very difficult Tour das Hugel -esque roads on the way back to Fredericksburg. We kept a good pace the entire ride and Tom spent a lot of time pushing hard to try and drop many riders and break up the pack. It worked. While a few riders did get away ahead of us we are pretty sure they will not be around all week... there were a lot of riders here for only opening weekend so picking the right wheel to follow was critical on opening day.

I felt very good all ride and only towards the end started to get a slight headache. I may need to hydrate more in the days ahead but I felt as though my hydration and eating schedule were working well for me. Still, it may help to pull in some additional electrolytes and carbohydrates. To do so I may supplement my normal ride diet of Fig Newtons with additional Clif Blocks. While I had the Clif Blocks with me today I did not start eating those until the end, when I was out of Newtons.

Not much else to report aside from beautiful weather, excellent roads and great company. I'm looking forward to the week ahead! Based on the ride schedule for this week I will need to adjust my goal mileage down a little bit. I will not have access to the 200k route(s) I thought I would (no maps provided) so I'm shooting now for around 800 miles. Many of this week's ride fall just shy of a full century. No worries, the elevation gain and steep climbs more than make up for the extra miles!

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