Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day Stage

For Thanksgiving my wife and I were going to be headed to her grand parent's house in Rockwall. They have a traditional lunch with family in town from Houston but I was desperate to get a ride in as the roads would be empty and traffic nearly nonexistent.

I planned a route using Google Maps that would take me on out from our apartment on familiar roads that I use every Saturday morning on RBM Frisco's A ride. From there I branched East through downtown McKinney, then North through New Hope and East to Princeton. I then kept the route well above 380 and rode North of Lake Lavon before heading South past Famrersville, Copeville, Lavon and into Rockwall.

All told it was a 72 mile route, mostly on County and Farm to Market roads. Aside from 15+ miles of chip & seal on TX-78, the route was good with low traffic and nice blacktop. When all was said and done I made the trip in 3 hrs 45 mins (18.9 avg) with a slight wind out of the Northwest. And, unfortunately, one bottle of water. I had two with me, but the cold temperature had me fooled into thinking I did not need to hydrate as often. I paid the penalty in reduced energy levels when I reached Copeville, and especially Lavon.

One of these days, I might learn something about hydration...

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